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Toronto Ontario

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As Marge nears retirement, we are tracking inventory closely and sometimes discounting her existing stock.  She is still willing to create a piece not from stock, but you must order using this product page:

Custom Temple Commission


All sizes are approximate and depend on the temple structure (a tall narrow temple will be taller than a temple that is small and square.) Christmas Ornament is equivalent of a small glass temple in a 3" glass ring with glass loop at top for ribbon or hook to hang. There is no image available for this temple. We apologize for the inconvenience. Many temples are similar in structure, however, and if you would like to see such temples before ordering, contact us. Please note that Marge takes great care to add particular details which define each temple (such as, direction of the Moroni, the entrance, etc.). As such, we trust you will be pleased with your purchase. The medium and large sizes are a popular choice as a memorable wedding cake topper.

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